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October is here! Second quarter begins!  

Students are being exposed to all letters and sounds daily even though we focus on two letters a week, including the proper handwriting. Students are expected to master these letters/sounds by Christmas.

This quarter we will continue number naming and writing up to 10. Students should be able to name and write all numbers 0-10 by Christmas.

We will also begin working on our addition skills.


Scholastic Book Orders are due Aug 15th  

Orders and money can be brought to class or order online.

Parents, online orders will need this code to connect to our class: HGCH9

Welcome to Kindergarten!  


We have been practicing our daily routines and expectations.


Two new letters will be introduced each week. So far we have mastered

Mm, Rr, and Ss. We do animal movements and sounds for all letters each day.

We read one paper book a week right now. Save a cereal box and decorate it as a personal library for all those paper books we will take home.


Numbers 0-5 will be focussed on as well as shapes and sorting skills.